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Jewelers Block


Inventory Coverage for Jewelry Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers


Coverages | Eligible States

Program Summary

Coverage for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of jewelry.


The online Jewelers Block program is structured as a solution for jewelry risks of all sizes, whether a small business or a multi-chained location. The program is flexible enough to allow for the schedule of shipments, salesmen, and exhibitions, and numerous other enhancements.


The program offers quotes usually within 10 minutes after the receipt of your application, during business hours.



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Coverages available through the Jewelers Block Program:




Can be increased to

 for an additional premium

Inventory at your premises n/a

As Declared

Property in Safe Deposit Vault of Any Bank, Trust or Safe Deposit Company n/a As Declared
Property at Premises of Any Dealer, Processor or Similar Bailee in the Jewelry Trade n/a As Declared

Show Windows & Outside Displays at Insured's Premises
Regular Plate Glass 25,000 n/a
Minimum 8mm Glass Equals Inventory Limit n/a

Travel Coverage (Blanket) 25,000 100,000
Off Premises Coverage (items with Salesmen) Included n/a
Property Worn By You or Your Employees (at shows only) Included n/a
Registered Buyer Included n/a

Goods in Custody of Others 25,000 250,000

Shipments by
Express Carriers 25,000 As Declared
First Class Registered/Express Mail 25,000 As Declared
Armored Car 25,000 As Declared
Merchants Parcel Delivery Service 25,000 As Declared
Air Freight 25,000 As Declared

Additional Coverages
Transit to and from the US Postal Service 125,000 n/a
Money & Securities 5,000 25,000
Patterns, Molds, Models & Dies 25,000 250,000
Office Contents, Furniture, Fixtures, Tools, Machinery, Fittings 25,000 500,000
EDP (Electronic Data Processing Equipment) 25,000 250,000
Tenant Improvements & Betterments 25,000 500,000
Accounting Expense 1,500 n/a
Theft Damage to Buildings 25,000 100,000
Earthquake 25,000 Inventory Limit
Flood 25,000 Inventory Limit
Additional Coverages
In addition to the above, the following are available:
Scheduled Salesmen Scheduled Shipments
Blanket coverage is automatically included for the transporting of stock by salesmen, owners and employees for up to 25,000. The blanket limit may be increased to 100,000. In addition, individual salesmen, owners and employees can be scheduled to the policy for the transport of higher limits. Blanket coverage is automatically included for the shipment of items within the United States and Canada for up to 25,000 per shipment. Shipments to other countries can be scheduled as well as shipments above 25,000. Multiple items can be included in a single shipment
Exhibition Coverage Peak Season Coverage
Coverage can be endorsed for the exhibition of stock at industry events. Coverage is available for the duration of the exhibition as well as for transport of items via armored car. The policy can be endorsed to allow for flunctuations of inventory values during peak seasons.





Coverages referenced on this website may not be available in all territories and may vary depending on the exposure. Minimum premiums may vary by

State. Coverages and services described in this website are generally stated for the purpose of promotion. The material does not modify or amend the

terms, conditions, or coverages of any policy. Please ask your Supple-Merrill & Driscoll, Inc. representative to explain coverage details, exclusions, limits

or other provisions of any insurance policy.



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