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Recent feedback from our clients:


Thank you for being so quick! This is why I love working with you!

Thanks again!


Thank you very much for all your help... It is nice to work with people with follow through and that care... I am confident that I will be using your services again.

Thanks for your quick response.


Thank you so very much!! I truly really appreciate you being able to do this for us so quickly and on such short notice!!! 



It's been great working with you.  It's awesome to have been able to get this done so last minute.

Supple-Merrill & Driscoll, Inc. is simply the finest production insurance company I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I was told about their outstanding, hands-on customer service by another producer, who could not have been more emphatic in expressing to me that this was the company I needed to bring my business to. Well, I made the call and in an instant ALL other production insurance companies I have dealt with during my 25+ years as a motion picture producer & director paled in comparison to the quality, dedication, and creative business support I received from Supple-Merrill & Driscoll, Inc., and Mr. David Merrill. I, and my collaborators wish to extend our very deepest thanks and gratitude. Supple-Merrill & Driscoll, Inc. is now the permanent first, and only choice of Quadrama/FILM - for any production we do!

Louis Antonelli - Quadrama/FILM



Thank you for sending this quote so quickly.



Thank you so much for all your cooperative help, and patience, thank you for your professionalism, and great attitude and being quick to responding to me. I appreciate it very much, I am 17 years old and working on my first movie that I've written and going to Produce, Direct and Star in, Thank you for helping make my dreams come true.

Unlimited Success, E. D.



Thank you so much for your prompt response.



We got insurance through ProductionInsurance.com. They were really easy to work with, and they can generally turn around coverage in less than 24 hours.



Thank you for the quick turn around with the Insurance coverage.



Thank you very much ... you are the greatest!!!  I called USAA and told them of my dissatisfaction with XXXXXXX and I gave them your name.  USAA's official complaint department will call me back and I plan to follow up with them and make sure they have your name.  Again thank you very much. 

All my best, TJ



Thanks very much for the very quick response.  You folks are great.


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